Internal Mastopexy with Muscle Splitting Augmentation

Uplift Bra: an alternative to the surgery

You don't want to have an uplift surgery? Don't worry, there are several bras on the market that lifts you breast without going through the knives. 

uplift bra
Here we have some alternative Uplift Bra / Push up bra to choose:

Uplift Bra - Push up bra! NUDE (by Shape Changers) - Cleavage Enhancer

Uplifts bust & creates amazing cleavage! Designed as a vest to provide back support & comfort! Can be worn with any bra or no bra at all. Promotes good posture & supports the bust. Increases the look of cup size up to two sizes. Made of soft lace that wont roll or dig into skin. Three level front adjustment plus added extender. Two sets of adjustable straps for cleavage control. One Size Fits All. Fits sizes 32 to 48.

Adhesive Uplifing Bra Pushup Strapless Free Cover Pads

This Adhesive bra is designed to wear under backless and strapless clothing. It is made out of a high quality medical tape and contains hypoallergenic materials. This adhesive bra acts like a Second Skin and uplifts your breast from the top, giving it a natural beauty. You will absolutely love the feel of this adhesive bra, as it is extra soft and comfortable. Free yourself from uncomfortable straps and wires FOREVER. Package includes: 3 pairs of Push-up adhesives 3 pairs of nipple covers.

Breast Uplift UK Costs

As any cosmetic surgery, the price of a breast uplift surgery is quite high, depending the surgeon of course.
A breast uplift in UK costs between £3,250 - £5,500.

Breast Uplift costs high but in this case it's worth it as it can increase you self-esteem and make your breast look younger.

Breast uplift Surgery + Breast Augmentation

This is another part of a series of breast augmentation videos. In this case the surgeon talks about the combination between breast uplift and breast augmentation.

3 Must-read books on cosmetic surgery

If you are not decided whether to do a breast uplift surgery or any kind of cosmetic surgery these books may help you before making the big decision.

Doctors explain medical procedures. Two girlfriends explain everything else. If you're considering spending a bundle for a face-lift, breast augmentation, or liposuction, you can't miss Two Girlfriends Get Real about Cosmetic Surgery-an honest, down-to-earth, comprehensive discussion of the ins and outs of cosmetic surgery. Written for women, by women if offers sound advice, hilarious truths, and plenty of emotional support.


From a leading New York plastic surgeon--an honest, informative and sensitive guide for every woman considering cosmetic breast surgery. 

From reality shows to celebrity gossip magazines, it seems everyone is talking about plastic surgery. But how do you know if it's right for you, and how can you get the best results? The Smart Woman's Guide to Plastic Surgery cuts through the media hype and gives you real answers on the most popular procedures, including what to ask surgeons during consultations, possible risks, how to plan and pay for surgery, and how to speed physical and emotional recovery.

Breast Uplift Surgery video explanation

Check out this interesting video on Breast uplift Surgery.

Dangerous breast implants

If any surgeon try to sell you some implants named PIP, don't buy them. Apparently these brand is using an illegal prosthesis filling that makes it more likeable to explode inside the breast.
Take care of you health and buy legal breast prothesis.

Breast Uplift Surgery: Where will the scar be?

The scar left by a breast uplift surgery is generally placed around the nipple to the crease under the breast. These scars may chance according to the different methods of surgery, but this is the commonly used.
Remember that you will see the final appearance of the scar in a year after the breast uplift surgery. The first months usually leaves a red scar that fades over time but doesn't dissappear completely.

Am I suitable for a Breast Uplift Surgery?

That strictly depends on your doctor's diagnosis. Remember that every pacient is different and your clicnic history plus more studies will determine if you are able to go on a surgery.

In general pacients that ask for a breast uplift surgery are:
  • Women who have lose too much weight and find their breast pending or dramatically reduced.
  • Aged women whose breast and skin needs to be tone up.
  • Women who after pregnancy find their breast drooped. If the pacient plans to get pregnant in the future, breast uplift surgery should never be performed as the pacient will not be able to breastfeed any more.
  • Women with large breast. The breast's weight made them fall from gravity.

What is a Breast Uplift Surgery?

A breast uplift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is done to women whose breast are fallen or pendulous. This is due to natural aging, abrupte weight lose or pregnancy.

The surgery 

What breast uplift surgery will do is reaffirm the breast by taking a minimum skin excess and lift the bustline, without necessarily adding any implant. If the pacient agrees, it is possible as well to add some implants for a better result.

With a breast uplift surgery:

Your breast will look younger.
Your nipples will point upwards giving your breast a healthy look.
You will gain self-steem. 

Welcome to Breast Uplift Surgery

Welcome to Breast Uplift Surgery

Breast uplift surgery is a common procedure among women of certain age. This blog will clear any doubts on this type of breast operation.